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 Enchanted Realities:

The Photography of Merry Moor Winnett 

A hardcover book by Cherl T. Harrison, Barsina Publishing, April 2021

Book Description

Enchanted Realities: The Photography of Merry Moor Winnett explores the life and work of Merry Moor Winnett (1951-1994), a graduate of the University of South Florida, who, upon relocating to North Carolina, taught at Guilford College, Salem College and the Sawtooth Center. Friend, fellow photographer and author Cherl Harrison researched for nine years, her work culminating in a biography describing the influences of family, popular culture, literature and feminism. Merry seamlessly wove her diverse interests into complex images, employing alternative processing techniques in photographs that were stitched, collaged, composited, toned, hand-painted and sometimes sculpted.

The historical context for the works is briefly discussed with references to other experimental photographers from the invention of photography in 1839, including Oscar Rejlander and Lewis Carroll, to modern artists Bea Nettles, Evon Streetman, Jerry Uelsmann, Clarence Laughlin and Arnold Doren. Chapters dedicated to her primary subjects include the moon, landscape, botany, still life and the human figure. 

Although Merry obtained international recognition, the shortness of her life prevented a wider audience. Accolades included seventy jurors’ selections for exhibitions in twenty-eight states and ten foreign countries.  Merry’s works are found in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Reynolds Collection, Southeast Museum of Photography, Asheville Museum of Art, Chrysler Museum of Art and other collections.   This book provides a comprehensive examination of an important female artist whose significant body of photographic work  ask questions and evokes powerful emotions almost three decades after her untimely death at the age of 42.


Hardcover, 188 pages, 155 illustrations, large format, 12 inches square

Published April 1, 2021 by Barsina Publishing - Limited to 200 copies -see Amazon and Blurb



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